We promote platforms that have track records of producing between 8% and 12% per month!

Do you have children or grandchildren?

Do something really special for them.

If you invest $100 (+/-R1 700) for:

  • 5 years - you will give them R517 618

  • 10 years - you will give them R15 760 5416

See for your self, enter whatever values you choose, and see what effect compound interest has on the returns!

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Flowing from the global lockdowns, simply earning a livable income is becoming more and more difficult, let alone expanding your current wealth. Interest rates have dropped substantially resulting in typical investments hardly yielding a return to speak of.

We are members of HYPERFUND (launched and funded by HYPERTECH), and Mirror Trading International (MTI), both of which offer mind-blowing leveraged financial opportunities.

HyperFund is invested in building a multi-million user base who can collectively benefit from the financial muscle of the HYPERTECH GROUP & ECOSYSTEM. The user group is rewarded daily to participate in the initiative.

Membership entitles you to daily rewards and access to exclusive private tokens before they are launched on big exchanges.

MTI trades and provides a healthy daily compound return on your crypto.

There have been many opportunities in the crypto space that have come and gone and left some people extremely wealthy and others have not enjoyed the same experience.

We suggest a combination of two totally independent opportunities that allow you to not only spread your risk but also to swop between the two to offset and capitalize on price fluctuations.

The concepts of financial freedom and passive income ultimately become reality for the average man/woman in the street.

We will help you choose the best model practice depending on your financial situation.

Once this begins to work for you, you may feel so excited that you would want to tell others about your success. As much as this is a gift to them, it will also help you supercharge your rewards.

United States Video about MTI

HyperCapital 11 Minute Overview


In December 2017, Bitcoin hit its highest price ever, reaching $19,783. It was the culmination of an incredible year for the digital currency, which had started 2017 at about $1,000.

The price bitcoin fell rapidly, crashing all the way down below $3,500 by November 2018.

The price has fluctuated between $11 000 and $5 500 over the last three years.

During the explosion of Bitcoin, many people bought Bitcoin on the hope that the explosive price would continue, only to have lost their money.


We have analyzed the various opportunities in the market today and believe that a spread of investment between Mirror Trading International (MTI) and Hyper Capital (HC) is a safe way to invest.

MTI provides its returns from trading and therefore, can vary, whereas HC issues convertible bonds, and the return is therefore fixed.


1 During September, HyperCapital is offering a convertible bond that multiplies your investment THREE TIMES!

2. This bond drops to TWO TIMES next month.

HC is a perfect platform to use as a Dollar strategy and MTI is used as a crypto strategy.

Whilst BOTH companies provide excellent returns from purely an investment point of view, working these two strategies hand in hand mitigates Bitcoin price fluctuations.

You can work these two strategies hand in hand, take your profits from MTI, and put them into Hyper Capital when the Bitcoin price is good.

If the Bitcoin price comes down, you buy Bitcoin with your US Dollars from Hyper Capital and put that into MTI.


We offer the opportunity of a lifetime to participate in the next big thing, crypto, and blockchain DEFI.

Traditional trading is becoming more and more volatile, and any kind of investing hardly yields returns to speak of.

The two Crypto Groups we recommend, Mirror Trading International (MTI) and HyperFund (HF) offer incredible leveraged financial opportunities.

MTI trades bitcoin and forex with sophisticated software and offers an attractive rewards program, whereas Hyperfund issues convertible bonds for USDT, and the initial return is guaranteed to be 300%, but can be significantly more if purchases are structured optimally.

MTI is fairly liquid and quick to withdraw from.

HyperFund is longer-term (600 days) and more focussed on growing your capital to ultimately become a source of passive income

If you have any questions that are not answered on this site, please contact us and we will revert asap.