Mirror Trading international (MTI) makes its money by trading on the forex market and uses Bitcoin as is base. MTI has a successful track record with its trading platform and trades with your money, so you don’t have to do a thing, other than sit back and watch your Bitcoin grow.

Mirror Trade International’s average MONTHLY profit from their trading is 10.5%.

Any investment you have with them is compounded EVERY DAY!

The beauty of this investment opportunity is that your initial investment is low, (only $100) there are no joining or admin fees, it is risk-free, your investment grows at an incredible rate and you can withdraw your investment at any stage and at no cost.

MTI is fully compliant as a professionally managed company and brand that delivers sustainable growth and value creation to its stakeholders.

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  1. They offer a totally free trading service.
  2. You invest a minimum of $100 in Bitcoin and using an automatic trading program, MTI trades the Bitcoin capital on a daily basis and as a member, you share in the profits. Compounded daily since September last year, the members share has been a staggering 141.76% of their initial investments. This means an initial investment of $100 has become $241 in just 8 months. Compounding the profit daily, it averages out at just under 10% PER MONTH!- This means that your investment literally triples every year i.e. $100 becomes $313 after one year, $895 after 2 years, $2810 after 3years, etc. The earnings are not guaranteed but there is no other investment that offers these returns and it is virtually risk-free.
  3. You also earn a 10% referral bonus when you refer someone else and they join. NOTE: The referral bonus is paid by MTI, it does NOT come from the investor’s capital or profit at all!
  4. MTI also place 20% of their trading profit into a “Binary Profit Trading Pool” which you can share in up to 10 levels deep provided you have met the criteria of having at least $200 in trade.
  5. You can invest whatever amount you like upwards of $100. There is no limit to your earnings and there are no joining nor admin fees when depositing or withdrawing your Bitcoin Capital.
  6. You can withdraw your investment whenever you please without limitation. MTI will pay-out within 48 hours and again, there are no withdrawal fees
  7. Currently, MTI has nearly 17 000 Bitcoins (over R3 billion) in daily trade for its worldwide members.

Mirror Trading International Quick Intro

Interview with MTI CEO